Setup your iOS device to send and receive email with your Cloud Mail account.

Before you add your account

Add your account

  1. Open the Settings app. On iOS 14 and later, tap Mail then Accounts. On previous iOS versions, tap Passwords & Accounts.
  2. Then Add Account, Other, and finally Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your name, email address, and password. You may use any text for Description, but if you have multiple accounts on your device, enter something that will help you identify this account from a list. Tap Next.
  4. In the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server sections, enter for Host Name, your email address for User Name, and your Cloud Mail password. Tap Next.
  5. It will take up to a minute for your device to verify the account. If the settings were correct, you will see Mail and Notes. We recommend leaving Notes turned off. Tap Done.
  6. IMPORTANT: Complete the next section so the contents of your mail folders (such as Drafts, Sent, and Archive) will be consistent across your devices.

Setup mail folders

  1. Select the account you just added from the Accounts list (its name will be what you entered in Description a moment ago).
  2. Tap Account (email address), then Advanced.
  3. Enter INBOX (using uppercase letters) for IMAP Path Prefix.
  4. In the Mailbox Behaviors section, tap each mailbox and select the correct folder using the following list. Make sure to select the folder under On The Server and not under On My iPhone/iPad/iPod.
    • Drafts: Drafts
    • Sent: Sent
    • Deleted: Trash
    • Archive: Archive
  5. If you prefer to move messages to the Archive folder when you swipe left, rather than permanently deleting them set Move Discarded Messages Into: to Archive Mailbox. (Note: This is similar to the default behavior of Gmail accounts.)
  6. Tap Account in the top-left corner, then Done in the top-right corner.

Congratulations! Your Cloud Mail account is ready to use with the Mail app on your iOS device.


  • 2020-10-12: Updated instructions for menu change in iOS 14.