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Easily publish your website on the web’s most popular platform — backed by legendary COHO support, performance, and security.

The easy way to publish with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular web publishing platform because it’s easy to use and scales to handle any site — from simple landing pages to huge content portals with thousands of posts. We designed the COHO Cloud as a fast, safe base for web apps like WordPress. COHO manages the technical infrastructure, so you can focus on your site, your audience, and your success.

Get started quickly

Setup a new site or migrate an existing one

We take care of the WordPress installation and technical setup. Everything is optimized from the start, including industry-leading security. The first time you sign into WordPress, you’ll only need to answer a couple questions, and you’ll be ready to go in about one minute! If you already have a WordPress site hosted elsewhere, our support team will migrate the content to the COHO Cloud for you.

Beauty meets simplicity with Divi

Your site comes with Divi — the most popular theme and page builder for the most popular web publishing platform (WordPress). If Divi doesn’t suit your needs, we can install any of Elegant Themes’ dozens of designs for you … or you can choose any free or premium WosrdPress theme and install it yourself in seconds.

Don’t worry…It just works

Automatic updates keep things working

Our cloud engineers manage software updates so you don’t have to. We keep WordPress Core, themes, and plugins up-to-date automatically.

Backups protect your effort

You work hard to create your online content, so we make sure it’s safe. Website files and data are constantly backed up to protect against equipment problems and we make weekly scheduled backups of the site as an extra measure of protection. We also offer daily and even hourly backup services for busy sites with frequent changes.

Speed matters

Fast-loading websites keep your visitors engaged (and, based on feedback, impressed)! The COHO Cloud serves websites with impressive speed because we combine exceptionally fast hardware with a suite of performance-boosting techniques (read more in Technical Specs, below).
Technical Specs

The COHO Cloud — Easy. Fast. Secure.

Great hardware + connectivity

The COHO Cloud runs on top-tier hardware with Intel Xeon processors, server-grade memory, and enterprise-quality SSD storage, and datacenter-class network connectivity. We guard against downtime with multiple internet connections and electricity sources from several vendors, UPS and generator backup power, and superior physical security.

The Cloud Website stack

CloudflareWe use Cloudflare to provide secure DNS (with DNSSEC for eligible domains), caching (to make your site faster), encryption (to protect you and your visitors), attack mitigation (to thwart attacks that try to take down websites), and several other features to increase security, speed, and reliability for your site. Included with every Cloud Website at no extra cost.
Let’s EncryptWe use Let’s Encrypt to secure your website for free. This is what makes the https appear in front of your domain name. Unlike so many hosting services, we encrypt every single page of every single site. It’s not optional…just automatic!
IPv6, HTTP/2, and TLS 1.2+1.3We fully support the newest connectivity and security protocols to future-proof your site.
WordPressAt the heart of your Cloud Website is WordPress—the most popular content management platform on the web! We set it up for you and keep it updated, so all you have to do is publish your content.
NGINXWe find websites are most useful when they load quickly and reliably (people get bored quickly on the web, so if a site loads slowly, they might just go elsewhere). NGINX is a high-performance web server, which supports the latest features to make sites load quickly.
PHP-FPMPHP is the programming language of WordPress. COHO was an early adopter of PHP 7, brining our customers remarkable speed improvements over the now-antique PHP 5 (which some of our competitors still offer as their standard version).
MariaDBA drop-in replacement for the (perhaps) better-known MySQL server, we selected MariaDB for its performance advantages and reliability.
Ubuntu ServerUbuntu Linux is a solid server operating system, supported by countless developers around the world. While we always use the latest LTS release, we upgrade our core packages (like NGINX, PHP, and MariaDB) between releases, to provide newer features as soon as possible.
Additional Information
WordPress Site Migration: We migrate content from most existing WordPress sites for free; however, some sites and source servers require significant extra technician time to migrate, and may be subject to additional costs.