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Only COHO can combine the power of 3CX with our secure and reliable cloud platform to deliver a dependable and affordable business phone solution.

3CX Partner

As a 3CX Partner, we will help you purchase and manage your 3CX license as your needs grow.

3CX Certified

Everyone on our Cloud Voice Support Team has earned the 3CX Advanced technical certification.

Fanvil Certified Online Reseller

Fanvil Partner

We recommend and support Fanvil’s enterprise quality VoIP telephones with Cloud Voice.


With Cloud Voice, you only pay for what you actually use: a flat, monthly rate for the 3CX server in our cloud, your direct-dial phone numbers, per-minute rates for calling, and the 3CX license. Other voice services charge up to $600 per year per phone “line”.

The 3CX license allows up to four simultaneous calls with a free license, with nominal annual license fees for additional simultaneous calls. There is no per-phone license/monthly cost. This license model could save you 80% or more per year. Get in touch today and let us help you estimate your potential savings!

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