Setup your iOS device to send and receive email with your Microsoft 365 mailbox using the Mail app included with the device.

About this method

Microsoft 365 subscriptions that include a mailbox also include a license to use the iOS version of Outlook. If you prefer to use the Mail app included with your iPhone or iPad to access your Microsoft 365 email, follow these instructions. You can add your account to both apps, but this is generally not useful and it can cause your device to use more battery power.

Before you add your account

  • You will need to know your Microsoft 365 email address and password. (Forgot your password?)
  • If your Microsoft 365 account uses multi-factor authentication, you should not need to generate an app password. iOS will use the standard Microsoft login process for the verification.
  • Be sure your device has a strong signal and data connection or connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Add your account

  1. Open the Settings app. On iOS 14 and later, tap Mail then Accounts. On previous iOS versions, tap Passwords & Accounts.
  2. Then tap Add Account and then Microsoft Exchange.
  3. Enter your email address. You may use any text for Description, but if you have multiple accounts on your device, enter something that will help you identify this account from a list. Tap Next (top-right).
  4. Tap Sign In. Sign into your Microsoft 365 account. If you see the Permissions requested screen, check the box next to Consent on behalf of your organization and tap Accept.
  5. You must leave Mail turned on to access your mailbox with the Mail app. If you turn on the other options, their respective iOS apps will have access to those items from your Microsoft 365 account. Tap Save to complete the process.
  6. By default, the Mail app will sync the one month of mail to your device. Regardless of this setting, you can search all items in your mailbox, so it is usually not necessary to change this. If you select No Limit, the Mail app will use more device storage.