Release notes for Cloud Mail Web App versions


Learn about current and previous Cloud Mail Web App updates.

Version 3.3.0 — Build

  • Footer links updated for new COHO Support URLs.
  • Updated for COHO Digital LLC branding.
  • Moved to new address
  • Removed sign-in fields from homepage and replaced with link to sign-in page.

Version 3.2.1 — Build

  • Footer updated with link to COHO Support website.
  • Updated for 2018 Branding.
  • New sign-in process on new COHO website.

Version 3.2.0 — Buidl

  • Minor performance enhancements.
  • Footer updated with link to this article.
  • New Cloud Mail Web App sign in widget (and Cloud Mail Administration sign in widget) on new Coho Networks website.

Version 3.1.12 — Build

  • Product renamed Cloud Mail Web App to better delineate this feature from the complete Cloud Mail offering.
  • After sign in, the browser address bar shows the address of the app server cluster, not the CNAME as in previous versions.
  • A generic SSL certificate is now used to allow this app to share a single IPv4 address with other apps.
  • The Web App interface features the new colors and Cloud Mail product livery from the COHO 2015 Branding Refresh.
  • Users are now prompted to provide and verify a mobile number (and periodically reprompted until they provide one) to be used with Password Self Reset feature.
  • Update Phone added to the User Menu (≡ icon in top-right corner) to enable users to change the registered mobile number.
  • New footer framework reflects 2015 Branding, shows current version (and build information in the Version tooltip), and enables additional help links to be added upon new Coho Networks website launch.

Versions earlier than 3.1.12

Release notes for versions earlier than 3.1.12 were not published.