About Cloud Mail Archive


Email communication is an essential part of every business. Cloud Mail Archive protects your important data, eases employee transitions, and aids in audits and discovery requests.

What is Cloud Mail Archive?

Cloud Mail Archive is an optional Cloud Mail feature that maintains a copy of all mail sent and received by every mailbox on your domain. Cloud Mail Archive preserves copies of all mail—including deleted messages—indefinitely. These records help you protect your intellectual property, serve as documentation in legal and personnel matters, help to ease employee transitions, simplify compliance reporting, and allow rapid search and retrieval for audits and discovery requests. Cloud Mail Archive also indefinitely extends the two-week recovery period for accidentally-deleted messages. Data is encrypted in transit and stored in secure systems and facilities.

⭐️ We do not limit the number/size of messages or the retention period for Mail Archive.

Easily access and search archived data

Cloud Mail Archive uses the power and unlimited storage capacity of the COHO Cloud to preserve data and requires no investment in hardware, software, or licenses. Cloud Mail Archive’s powerful search allows you to locate text, attachments, and metadata (message attributes such as date, size, sender, etc.). You can also build custom reports based on activity by date, user, or other attributes.

Getting started

The setup process demands no effort—simply contact COHO Support to request the feature. Once enabled, Cloud Mail Archive protects every mailbox on your domain. Contact COHO Support for pricing information. We can also help you to import your existing mail data for a one-time charge.